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Resiquímica - Resinas Químicas, S. A. was founded in 1957, originally under the name Resintela, adopting the current designation in 1961. Socer, Sociedade Central de Resinas, which owned 25% of the capital, was the major driving force behind the creation of the company. The main objective then was to increase the value of its main product resulting from pine resin extraction: the colophony. For this purpose an association between Socer and international partners with recognised expertise in the then innovative polymer chemistry was started.

The search for new business and technology was the guideline throughout the history of Resiquímica, leading to partnerships with top industrial partners that resulted in a diversification of the product portfolio. It has to be pointed out that for more than 30 years Hoechst AG, at that time the World’s largest chemical company, was the owner two thirds of Resiquímica’s capital.

Since 2002, and against the trend of business concentration in this industry, Resiquimica is again 100% owned by its founding partner Socer, a Portuguese family owned group now in its 3rd and 4th generations.

Today and after five decades, Resiquímica is well aware of the challenges of a global and highly competitive industrial environment and assumes its ambition to succeed and grow in it.