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This trade name stands for aqueous polymer emulsions. It comprises a broad range of products, such as homo and co-polymers of vinyl acetate, pure acrylic copolymers, and styrene homo and co-polymers. These emulsions combine the different monomer properties with the most modern polymerization and production techniques in order to fulfil the requirements for several applications.

Pliodisp provides a full portfolio of products for the paint industry, from high gloss paints to high scrub resistance paints, plasters, high performance elastomeric coatings and paints with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission. The Pliodisp range also includes dispersants and acrylic thickeners mainly for the paint industry.

The Pliodisp polymer emulsions for adhesives are targeted to bind substrates such as paper and cardboard, wood and ceramic tiles.

Emulsions for the building and construction sector, namely for cement modifiers and waterproofing two component systems are also included in the Pliodisp range.

Finally Pliodisp comprises also a group of products which fulfill the requirements for food contact for cheese coatings.