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Quality, Environment and Safety

As with any other industrial activity, RESIQUÍMICA’s success relies on two factors: customer satisfaction and the social and environmental framework it works in.

Product and service compliance to market needs is well consolidated and documented since the beginning of the 90’s through ISO 9001 certification of our Quality Management System.

RESIQUÍMICA has a long developed corporate culture of responsibility towards the surrounding environment, with high levels of investment in the prevention and control of the environmental impacts of our activity. This is clearly visible in three aspects: RESIQUÍMICA was one of the first participants of the Responsible Care programme in Portugal; our Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001 since 2007 and we obtained our Environmental License in early 2008 valid for a period of 10 years.

The Quality and Environmental Management Systems implemented at RESIQUÍMICA comprise the following activities:

  • Concepcion, development, production and marketing of synthetic resins and polymeric aqueous dispersions, produced and performed in the industrial facilities at Mem Martins and office at Valongo;
  • Trading of products (imported) related to the paint and varnish industries, within the scope of the representation of other companies;
  • Purchase and commercialization of products with performance characteristics matching previous RESIQUÍMICA products.

Conscious of the importance of the safety of people and goods, as well as accident prevention in our chemical activity, RESIQUÍMICA is permanently appraising hazardous situations and carrying out risk analysis for each individual process, with a view to minimizing risk.

Quality and Environment Policy

RESIQUÍMICA - Resinas Químicas, S.A. is a company whose mission is to develop, produce and commercialize synthetic resins and aqueous polymer emulsions that fulfil the needs of the markets where we are present and that create value in a sustainable way to the shareholders, employees, partners in business and the surrounding community.

We aim to be Iberian leaders in the binders market for decorative paints and to be recognized by the quality of our products, by our orientation towards the customer, by our innovation and our concern about sustainable development. Thus, RESIQUÍMICA values are orientation towards the customer, quality, innovation and accuracy.

We consider that the compliance requirements of a Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9001 and with the requirements of an Environmental Management System, according to NP EN ISO 14001, are fundamental to meet our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our compromise is to:

  • Comply with customer and other interested parties’ requirements;
  • Comply with statutory, legal, regulatory and other requirements subscribed by the organization, concerning product and environmental aspects;
  • Achieve the goal “Doing well, first time”;
  • Protect the environment, including pollution prevention, implementing measures to minimize our most relevant environmental impacts, namely:
    • Waste production;
    • Natural resources consumption;
    • Atmospheric emissions;
    • Waste water production;
  • Assure our customers’ satisfaction increases;
  • Cooperate with our suppliers in the search for the most adequate solutions to our organization;
  • Communicate our policy in a transparent and active way to all our employees and to all those who work for or on behalf of our organization;
  • Define objectives and targets integrated in a management programme and monitor its results to achieve the continuous improvement and efficiency of our Management Systems.