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Our mission is to develop, produce and commercialize synthetic resins and aqueous polymer emulsions that fulfil the needs of the markets where we are present and that create value in a sustainable way for our shareholders, employees, partners in business and the surrounding community.


We aim to be Iberian leaders in the binders market for decorative paints and to be recognized by the quality of our products, by our orientation towards the customer, by our innovation and our concern about sustainable development.


Our fundamental values are::

  • Orientation towards the Customer

    Assure that the service we provide to our customers adds value to our business.

  • Trust

    Our actions convey to all our partners that we are a reliable organization.

  • Quality

    Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients’ needs and expectations.

  • Innovation

    To opt for the development of new products and the improvement of the existing ones always bearing in mind the way of sustainability.

  • Accuracy

    Efficient use of the available resources (human, financial, material, etc).