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General Sales Condicions

  • General Provisions

    The below mentioned Conditions of Sale shall apply to all transactions, to the exception of expressly established special cases.
  • Supply Offers

    All supply offers are subject to a confirmation at the time of the order. Any order shall only be deemed accepted after its confirmation.
  • Warranty and Responsibilities

    The goods are supplied according to Portuguese and EU law valid at the time and shall correspond to the specifications adequate to the applications they are meant for.

    Information contained in catalogues, charts and leaflets have only informative value, except when otherwise indicated or agreed upon.

    Resiquímica safety instructions shall be complied with during transportation, storage and processing of the goods.

  • Prices

    Unless otherwise indicated or agreed upon, prices shall be net ex-works, without rebates.

    Prices are re-adjustable without previous notice. Prices at the time of the delivery shall prevail.

    The customer shall bear all expenses incurring with the discount charges of bills of exchange, banking charges, stamp tax, redelivery of checks, transfers, as well as any other expenses resulting from the transaction.

  • Delivery and Shipment

    The goods and the packaging shall always be transported at the recipients own expense and risk, to the exception of special conditions agreed upon in writing.

    All reasonable diligences will be made to deliver the goods within the established delivery times, which, as a rule, and within the Portuguese territory, are of 5 working days from the order confirmation. In the event of delays resulting from force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances, there shall be no damage compensation claims.

    We reserve the right to partial deliveries and invoices.

  • Redelivery Packages

    The redelivery of packages is at the purchasers own expense and risk, in conditions agreed upon.

  • Payment

    Payment shall be made according to the conditions contained in the invoice, to the exception of special and officially established conditions.

    In the case of non-payment within the established time limit, of part or the totality of the amount due, applicable statutory provisions may be charged.

    The existence of unpaid overdue invoices may cause the suspension of deliveries.

  • Return of Goods

    The return of goods will only be accepted as long as previously agreed upon or officially established and accepted.
  • Complaints

    Complaints shall only be accepted when presented in writing within 8 days of delivery of the goods.
  • Force Majeure

    The responsibility for the non-compliance with deliveries shall be void in the event of unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances or of force majeure, but Resiquímica reserves the right to renounce any agreement, whenever the facts imply substantial changes to the Conditions of Sale.
  • Liability

    Resiquímica shall only be liable for damages according to the general terms of law, and will not be liable for the undue use of delivered goods or for a use different from indicated, profit and loss, indirect, consequential or specific damages.
  • Industrial Property Rights

    Any trademarks, suggestions, information on product application, manufacturing instructions, notes and, in general, any documents, as well as written or oral indications which may be transmitted together with the supplied goods, are and will continue to be the property of Resiquímica, unless otherwise stated. They shall not be divulged or reproduced without the prior and explicit consent of Resiquímica, and shall be returned when requested.
  • Aplicable Law - Jurisdiction

    All disputes emerging from the supply shall be settled according to Portuguese law valid at the time of the order, and the Judicial Court of the County of Sintra being competent, expressly renouncing all other.